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  Corporate outline
Corporate outline
Center for Economic Analysis Corporation
1-14-1-2-210, Oshitatecho, Fuchu-Shi, Tokyo, #183-0012, JAPAN
Phone: +81-42-401-8892
Activity Fields
Survey and Research
    Market Trends, Corporate Environment, Product Development Assistance, Consumer Affairs
Marketing Research
Questionnaire Surveys Conducted by Registered Monitors, Dialogs, Monitoring Surveys, Evaluation/Use tests
Information Technology Support
Support for Setting IT environment, Programming and System Design, and other support activities
    Planning, Operation and Management
Representative Director
Seiji Harada, Professor, Industrial Business Administration Department, Nagaoka University
Yumiko Oyano, Advisory Specialist for Consumere's Affairs
Yasuhisa Sato, Certified Public Accountant
Osamu Oyano, Professor, Faculty of Law, and Department of Law, Graduate School of Law, Ryukoku University
Kimie Tsunoda, Doctor's Course, Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Chiba University
Center for Economic Analysis Corporation is staffed mainly by Advisory Specialist for Consumers' Affairs (ASCA). ASCA is a certified person approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. ASCA acts as an expert in consumer' affairs.
Message of Yumiko Oyano
In the society of the 21st century, we hope for a life that is friendly to humans, conscious to the environment and is secure and safe. Products and services that are Ågmore friendly to the environment, more secure and safe, and more tender to allÅh will be needed than ever before to allow our children and descendants to lead a happy life.
We also hope for a high quality of life and society that recognize a set of diverse values and in which no one is discriminated against.
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Center for Economic Analysis Corporation
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